CS-Cart Auto Login

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CS-Cart Auto Login

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CS-Cart Auto Login:

It can seem like a bit of an unnecessary hassle to enter a user id and password every time you go to your favorite website. CS-Cart Auto-Login provides you the ability to login to your account without entering your password each time, by saving your user id and password associated with your account. It’s a big time saver.

In order to save your time, CS-Cart Auto-Login add-on is there, which allows the customer to log-in automatically into the website without having to enter the user id and password each time a customer visits a store. It is likely that a customer may tend to forget passwords it saves the customer’s accounts and seeks permission to save the password associated with the account

With the use of CS-Cart Auto-Login add-on, a customer can simply select an account and can log-in and access the store. There is no need to enter the password as Chrome already saves it for automatic login.

Features of CS-Cart Auto-Login add-on:

  • Well integrated with CS-Cart/Multivendor.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Allow one-click customer smart auto-login to your website.
  • Customers can save the credentials of multiple accounts.
  • Support and works well with the Google Chrome web browser (version 72.0+).
  • User Credentials can be saved on Registration and Login.
  • Ask for customer’s permission before saving the passwords.
  • Admin can easily activate/deactivate the module.
  • Supports English and Russian language.

Note :

  • Auto-Login will work only on the HTTPS (SSL) enabled site. 
  •  It works only on Chrome Browser and users have to make sure that in chrome settings of password Auto Sign-in and Offer to Save passwords will always be enabled.

How to upload and install :

After Downloading The CS-Cart Auto-Login addon, You Will Get A Zip File And Install.txt. Read The Install.txt File carefully and follow it.

Step 1:

Go to Add-on >>Manage add-ons, click on “+” to upload and install the zip file as shown below.

Step 2:

Click on “Local” to browse the zip file and then click on “Upload & Install” as shown below in the snapshot.

Step 3:

Activate the add-on:

Make sure after installation, you activated the add-on.

Front End view:

After the installation of the add-on, when the customer will try to sign in or register himself/herself on your CS-Cart store a pop-up will be displayed for the sake of permission whether he/she wants to save the password or not as shown below in the snapshots.

When customer will register for a new account, the pop-up will be displayed as shown below in the snapshot in which the customer has the option to choose whether the customer wants to save the password or not.

After choosing the option of Save Password, When next time the customer will try to sign in he/she can directly sign in to their account in just one click as shown in the below snapshot. In this way, the customer will have to simply select an account and log in and access the store. There is no need to enter the password as Chrome already saves it for automatic login.

Support :

That’s all for the CS-Cart Auto-Login, still, have any issue, feel free to write here Http://Webkul.Uvdesk.Com  . And let us know your views to make the CS-Cart Auto-Login better.

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