Opencart Customer Credit System

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Opencart Customer Credit System

by admin

by admin

Opencart Customer Credit System: With the Opencart Customer Credit System extension, the admin can assign store credit to customer groups. The credit amount can be used as a payment method for purchasing products.

A customer can add credit money using various store payment methods and view the complete transaction details. The admin can set the add credit limit, select payment methods, and set a transaction limit.


  • The admin can assign credits to a customer group or individual/specific customers.
  • The admin can pay credit from the admin panel to the respective customer.
  • The admin can select the offline/ online payment mode for paying credit to the customer.
  • The admin can set the credit limit.
  • The admin can view all the transactions done by the customer via the credit system.
  • The customers can see their assigned credits in the customer dashboard.
  • The customer can purchase the product by using their assigned credits.
  • The customer can see the entire transaction history in a customer account.
  • The customer can also add credit details.


Installation of the Opencart Customer Credit System is very simple. The admin just needs to move or upload the admin and catalog folders into the Opencart root folder.

The admin needs to upload the module file in the extension installer by uploading the customer_credit.ocmod.xml file.

Now go to the Extensions>Modification then click on refresh field.

Now in the admin panel go to System>Users>Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and choose to select all for both Access and Modify Permission then save it.

After that under Extension>Module, you can install or edit the module.

Module Configuration

Here, the admin can-

  • Status- Enable or disable the customer credit module.
  • Payment Method Title – Set the payment method title.
  • Customer Credit Product Image – Set the customer credit product Image.
  • Payment from Applicable Countries – Select the option ” Specific Countries” or ” All Allowed Countries”.
  • Allow payment method on checkout when credit product in cart – Set the various payment methods i.e cash on delivery and free checkout methods.
  • Select Payment Method When Pay Credit by Admin – Admin can choose the various payment method to pay credit by the admin.
  • Credit limit – Set credit limit maximum of 1000.
  • Sort Order -Set Sort Order.

Admin- Configuration

Assign Credit to Customer Group:

The admin can create a customer group from default the Opencart and can assign credit amount to the customer groups. The admin needs to select a customer group and enter the credit amount which admin wants to assign the customer group.

Whenever the new customer registers themselves selecting customer group then the credit amount will be automatically assigned to the particular customer as the per the credit amount assign by the admin for the customer group.

The admin can add Customer Group Credit by clicking on the “+” button.

Here, the admin can-

  • Select customer Group: Select the customer group.
  • Assign Credit to Customer Group: assign credit to the customer group.

Here, the assigned credit amount is added to the customer Group.

Add Credit Details:

The admin can see the credit details by navigating through Customer Credit ->Credit Details.

The admin clicks on “edit” button then this page will open up.

Pay credit

The admin can pay the customer credit amount on behalf of the customers if the customer sends the credit amount through an offline method.

Just enter the pay credit amount and click on the “ Save” button and the transaction will be done.

When the admin clicks on the view button then this page will open up.

Here the admin can view all the transaction details done by the customer.

The admin can see all the customer details.

Add Credit Limit

The admin can add credit limit to paying customer credit from the admin panel on behalf of the customer.

The admin can view credit details like Credit limit, Used credit, Remaining credit.

If the customer add credit amount is more than the set credit limit than this message will appear as shown in the message given below.

Note- As of right, Now the module restricts that maximum amount that can be entered is 1000.


The customer can add credit amount information by navigating through My account -> Credit Information.

The customer can see all the credit amount transaction details and can add the credit amount also.

The customer can add credit amount using the various payment method and proceed to check out.

The credit amount is increased as shown in the screenshot given below.

Here, the customer can see the credit transaction details.

Now, the customer can purchase the product using a credit amount.

Once the customer “add” the product to the cart and can do the payment using customer credit or any other payment method.

Then the order will get place using customer credit amount.

The customer can see the debit transaction details.

If the credit amount is less than the product amount then the customer will not be able to see the customer credit payment method.

Note – Customer can not add other product with the credit product.

That is all for the Opencart Customer Credit System.  Still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better at

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